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Meet the demands for industrial performance, accuracy and durability


Benefits & Features

Cushion clutch pistol screwdriver
Slip torque control for inconstant torque during tightening phase
Robust design for demanding application
Lightweight :1.1 Kg / 2.425 lbs
Air exhaust adjustable through complete 360°
Measurement Unit
Part number 6151630080
Model CP2812
Clutch type Shut off
Air inlet thread size 1/4"
Min. hose size 8 mm
Min. hose size 5/16"
Output drive 1/4"
Output drive 1/4"
Bolt size 8 mm
European Directives 2006/42/EC
European Standards ISO 11148-6
Air inlet thread type BSP
Length 232 mm
Length 7.2"
Net weight 1.1 kg
Net weight 2.4 lb
Height 160 mm
Height 6.3"
Width 49 mm
Width 1.9"
Side to center 15 mm
Side to center 0.6"
Free speed air consumption 17.8 cfm
Free speed air consumption 8.4 l/s
Sound pressure 82 db(A)
Sound Power 93 db(A)
European Sound standard ISO 15744
Sound uncertainty 3 db(A)
Vibration ISO ISO 28927-2
Vibration <2.5
Vibration uncertainty (K) -
Handle type Pistol
Free speed 950 rpm
Max working torque 11 Nm
Max working torque 8.1 ft.lbs
Min working torque 2 1/2 Nm
Min working torque 1.8 ft.lbs
Bit holder Quick Change Hexagonal Female

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