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The ergonomic and safe way to do riveting



Smooth operation and almost vibrationless
Perfectly adapted for metal structure repair
Powerful and robust


Rivet squeezer with short alligator jaw
1,5 inches (38 mm) reach from edge
Swivel inlet for maximum comfort and accessibility
Measurement Unit
Part number 6151710210
Model CP4220AS
Length 284 mm
Length 11.2"
Net weight 2.2 kg
Net weight 4.75 lb
Height 92 mm
Height 3.6"
Air inlet thread size 1/4"
Min. hose size 9.5 mm
Min. hose size 3/8"
Sound pressure 72 db(A)
Sound Power 83 db(A)
European Sound standard EN ISO 15744
Sound uncertainty 3 db(A)
Vibration ISO EN ISO 20643
Vibration <2.5
Vibration uncertainty (K) 1.6 m/s²
Capacity aluminum 3/16"
Capacity aluminum 4.76 mm
Capacity steel 0.15625"
Capacity steel 3.96 mm
Std yoke dimensions reach 1 1/2"
Std yoke dimensions reach 38.1 mm
Max force (90 psi/ 6.2bar) 6000 lb
Max force (90 psi/ 6.2bar) 26.68 kN
Moving plunger max. travel 0.62"
Moving plunger max. travel 15.9 mm
Moving plunger final part of stroke at max. force 0.05"
Moving plunger final part of stroke at max. force 1.3 mm
European Directives 2006/42/EC (17/05/2006)
European Standards EN ISO 11148-10 : 2011
Air inlet thread type NPT

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