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High capacity, high quality, quick height adjustments



High capacity
High quality and strength
Quick height adjustments
High stability


19.68 in. – 500 mm for the 20T model
Welded steel construction to prevent distortion or twisting
Height adjustment pin is attached to stand to prevent loss
Handle welded to base for easy adjustment and positioning
Large v-shaped saddle to support and to position vehicle frame
Multiple hole locations in support tube, supplied with strong safety pin
Wide, square base
At ISO 9001 and ASME Standards
Used in pairs for supporting trucks, trailers, and equipment in fleet garages, agricultural, industrial and construction environments
Unidade de medição
Número da peça 8941082200
Modelo CP82200
Peso líquido 18 kg
Peso líquido 39.70 lb
Largura 280 mm
Largura 11.02"
Capacidade 20 ton(s)
Capacidade 22.02 ton(s) curto(s)
Altura min. 350 mm
Altura min. 13.70"
Altura max. 500 mm
Altura max. 19.6"
Percurso 150 mm
Percurso 5.90"

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