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Durable, Grease fitting on the reverse button



Excellent durability
Great power


1/2" standard ratchet
Features CP's patented TriSpring anti-slip head design
Grease fitting on the reverse lever
Measurement Unit
Part number T024448
Model CP828HK-Metric
Square drive 1/2"
Square drive 1/2"
Length 254 mm
Length 10"
Net weight 1.08 kg
Net weight 2.4 lb
Average air consumption 3.75 cfm
Actual air consumption 15 cfm
Actual air consumption 7.1 l/s
Actual air consumption 425 l/mn
Air inlet thread size 1/4"
Min. hose size 10 mm
Min. hose size 3/8"
Sound pressure 97 db(A)
Vibration ISO ISO-28927-2
Vibration 3.2 m/s²
Vibration uncertainty (K) 1.3 m/s²
Working torque Range 13 - 70 Nm
Working torque Range 10 - 50 ft.lbs
Max torque 70 Nm
Max torque 50 ft.lbs
Free speed 150 rpm
Sound DBA pressure 108 db(A)
Sound DBA pressure 103 

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