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Industrial & Slim



Good for assembly lines
Very good to hold
Robust and durable


Small diameter - good grip
High speed
Low noise and vibration level
Measurement Unit
Part number 6151630040
Model CP2828
Clutch type Cushion
Length 190 mm
Length 7.5"
Net weight 0.6 kg
Net weight 1.3 lb
Height 52 mm
Height 2"
Width 35 mm
Width 1.4"
Free speed air consumption 14.8 cfm
Free speed air consumption 7 l/s
Air inlet thread size 1/4"
Min. hose size 10 mm
Min. hose size 3/8"
Sound pressure 73 db(A)
Sound Power 84 db(A)
Vibration ISO ISO-28927-2
Vibration 0.3 m/s²
Vibration uncertainty (K) 0.8 m/s²
Output drive 1/4"
Output drive 1/4"
Handle type Straight
Free speed 1600 rpm
Max working torque 3.2 Nm
Max working torque 2.4 ft.lbs
Min working torque 1.8 Nm
Min working torque 1.3 ft.lbs
Diameter 36 mm
Diameter 1.42"

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Blade (set of 6)

Gear Assembly

Clutch Housing

Torque Spring

Air Inlet Bushing [NPT]

Soft Cover [Red]

Anvil Assembly

Air House Nipple

Suspension Ring

Color ring kit

End housing kit

Rear plate kit

Front plate kit

Center housing kit

Inlet kit

Lever kit

Adjusting clutch assembly

Tune up kit

internal teeth wrench (maintenance tool)

Jig ( maintenance tooling )


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