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CP86151 US

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CP86151 US

Compact bench press

CP86151 USCP86151 US


CP86150 workshop press - US model


High stability
Durable & sturdy
Easy control


2 holes in each foot to fix in the floor
Steel frame
2 step stroke system -> Closed: Full stroke for quick approach. Open: Small stroke for fine tuning of the load
Large gauge measuring short and metric tons
Delivered with 2 V blocks
Easy to use handle with rubber grip
Provided with a protection cage
This product is marketed only in North America
Measurement Unit
Part number 8941086151
Model CP86151 US
Net weight 75.5 kg
Net weight 166.4 lb
Dimension A 700 mm
Dimension A 27.6"
Dimension B 540 mm
Dimension B 21.3"
Dimension C 882 mm
Dimension C 34.7"
Dimension E 500 mm
Dimension E 19.7"
Dimension F 120 mm
Dimension F 4.7"
Capacity 15 ton(s)
Capacity 16.53 short ton(s)
Dimension F1 157 mm
Dimension F1 6.2"
Dimension F2 457 mm
Dimension F2 18"
Dimension R 160 mm
Dimension R 6.3"
Oil capacity 0.6 ml

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